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EXCLUSIVE: The Worlds First Artificial General Intelligence Is Here

Elon Musk Better Hurry his Mind Controller 'neuralink' project up as AGI Has Arrived

Sacramento, June 20, 2020. Pacific Technology News was given exclusive access to FARCorp's highly secure development facility, showing the methodologies used to design and develop the worlds first AGI system.

Voice control, natural language understanding, simulation and computer vision training primarily make up the missing 'common sense' that is not trainable through traditional robotics systems. Every bipedal humanoid system as of today is controlled with RC controller parts commonly used by Hobbyists. FARCorp is doing something very different. They are 'growing' intelligence in a simulated environment at an accelerated pace. This means That the robotic system they are using is actually experiencing a simulated evolution of understanding, continuously, non stop. Current AI developers run data through a Deep Learning network and wait for the model to produce the appropriate results. This works great for finite state data sets, but when the objective is to always learn, as humans do, you need an "intentional infinite loop and a dynamically changing environment" said Steve Favis, the the primary developer of the Seraphim Series of robots.

Steve Favis, explained "AI learning is never done.... and once you understand AND accept that then there's a paradigm shift from conventional computer learning models".

For Further Information please contact FARCorp at

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