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Art Warrior Goes to War with Art Degeneration Created by Disestablishment Collectivist Machine

Arthur Kwon Lee went from 2019 Artist of the year to Blackilisted by New York City Art Circuit for Pro-Masculine, Pro-Christian views. Excerpts taken from Hotep Jesus Interview on

Artist Kwon Lee (photo from )


"...We have to elevate our understanding of aesthetics today...these stigils you see BLM, Rainbow Flag are propganda for collectivism... not an invitation for discourse, this is propganda for the state." -Arthur Kwon on interview

Arthur exposed 50% of purchases are made by 20 collectives and 5 galleries at the top of the art industry are propoganda tools for the collectivist propganda machine.

When Arthur mentioned the arts and tyranny:

"...You can look at every successful tyrant and they either had art training or utilized the artist in onne shape or another.."

Arthur emphasized the importance of art in nearly all politcal movements and the state of calmness people achieve while appreciating the aesthetics.

The push for degeneracy, low skill, low talent reached climax in 2019 with this collectivist community almost laughing in the face of artists and humanity by purchasing a banana duct taped to a canvas at Miami's Art Basel for $120,000.00 by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. This piece was titled "The Comedian".

Good aethestics and eye catching art can take years of practice to culminate on all mediums. This kind of achievement takes grit, hard work, focus, practice and experience. Collectivists are attacking these virtues as these are the virtues for an independent and self reliant population. Dependence and reliance on the state is the ideal form of slave-subserviance for the collectivists. Entitlement and hand outs for no work and achievement is the bondage trap these powerful globalists collectivists are pushing hard in our media, art and technology.

As long As Art Warrior's Like Arthur Kwon Lee can out-aesthetic bananas strapped with duct tape, strongly independent and sovereign humans will prevail.

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