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Students Speak Out Against Mask Mandates at Modesto's Sylvan School District Board Meeting

12-14-2021 Modesto California. Students and Parents spoke out against the mask mandates in Modesto California. During the school board meeting's "Public Participation" agenda item, four people spoke out against mask mandates.

Jeffrey Tollefson of Ustag Middle school, age 13, addressed the school board:

"...Just because there is nothing in our constitution that says anything about wearing a mask does not mean that you anyone in the government get to make it up [mask wearing] and then force it upon me."

Tollefson Family Speaks Out at Sylvan School District Board meeting

Staff told him that his rights end when he stands on school grounds.

"...My Rights Don't end where your fears begin. You are not allowed to force me into independent study or distance learning..."

"California Children are entitled to a free education, segregating me into a room and sending me home along with my siblings and excluding us from our education violates many of our rights. This isn't about protecting anyone, it's about power and control and you all know it."

Next to Speak was Tommy Tollefson, Jeffrey's young brother, age 9 spoke next.

"... These mandates go against the 1st, 9th and 14th amendments as well as the Nuremberg Code. I have the right to informed consent, which none of you have given us. Also none of you are any kind of medical professional to give such as advice. They are not comfortable and I do not like it. I am a child not a guinea pig to make you feel safer. I want school to go back to the way it was, no mandates, no mask, just us kids living our lives. The California Constitution states I am entitled to a free public education and I come to school ready to learn and you all send me home...."

"...It is not required [mask wearing] by the CDC, OSHA or the California Department of Public Health, it is simply recommended. You do not know my medical history and have no right to tell me to wear a mask..."

Arturo, a parent of another student spoke out

" ...I don't agree with how students and families are being bullied into this mandate..."

"...Masks should not be mandated in schools, neither should vaccines, they should be optional and that is up to the parents and doctors to decide that. And also, for staff and teachers to have the choice to participate in an experiment which can be lethal..."

Whether the Sylvan School district board decides to act on public participation and listen to parents is entirely up to them. Voting is internal and not by the parents of the students.

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