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Possible Antifa Provocateur May have been Responsible for Ashli Babbitt's death in DC Protests

Possible Antifa Agent Provocateur/Agitator may have caused escalation of tension with DC Police inside of Capitol leading to Ashli Babbitt getting shot. Agitator Broke Glass and Waved Ashli in to window before she got shot by Police.

1-7-2020. Washington DC. Recent Videos have been analyzed that were uploaded to showing the scene where Ashli Babbit, the DC Patriot who was shot and killed by DC Police during the Trump Capitol Protests.

The Potential Agitator was seen here near the window where Ashli Babbitt was shot a few moments before DC Police came to scene:

He is seen in this clip punching glass with his Fist:

After yelling undiscernible words in front of security he then starts bashing the windows in with his helmet

Agitator Bashing Glass can be seen here:

Then the Agitator Waves Ashli Babbit in Window after he breaks it down telling her to go in before she gets Shot.

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