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NFT's for Fund Raising? Favis Advanced Robotics Launches NFT Preferred Stock Offerings on

April 5, 2022, Sacramento, California - Favis Advanced Robotics Corporation Launches its first NFT Fund Raising Campaign using NFT's. NFT stand's for Non Fungible Tokens are are part of the Ehtereum Blockchain technologies which were designed for smart Contracts.

Ehtereum has a market cap of over $400 billion and that is steadily rising.

"The smart contracts in Blockchain technologies enable a public ledger that is fairly secure, relaible and make it a perfect technology for business to self raise capital without the need for unpredictable and unreliable Venture Capitalist's." said Steve Favis, CEO of Favis Advanced Robotics Corporation, He continued...

"You can cut out the middle man brokers and save the time and resources it takes to get listed on NASDAQ, New York Stock exchange and other stock trading exchanges. The prices of the Crypto Currencies are traded in real time along with the value of the stock being traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Stock Certificate owners pay a commision on trades to the original sotck certificate NFT issuer so there is further opportunities for fund raising as the Stock is traded for the original company. I don't see why anyone wouldn't take advantage of this technology as a start up".

NFT's that are mostly traded now are fan art and other video game assets. Artists and content developers are the perfect candidates to take advantage of these blockchain instruments as they can generate revenue and get credit for their original work. Hi earners such as Azuki on NFT exchange have traded of $85 million USD worth of NFT's and is one of the top earners in the exchange.

Currently Stock Certificates for Favis Advanced Robotics Corporation are trading at $9.80 a Share on here.

To Visit Favis Advanced Corporations NFT Offerings, they are listed on and

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